Michelle Obama Provides Vital Leadership Advice To Young Women

Former First Lady Michelle Obama left a lasting impression on not only Black Americans, but on Black women of all ages who aspire to reach her level of success.

In a recent interview with Valerie Jarrett, Obama detailed the importance of the steps it takes of growing into a leader, and how she led during the presidency of her husband, Barack Obama.

"The people who are with me now, and who now have responsibilities over my schedule, or they've helped run a big book tour, or they are running our Higher Ground productions and working with Netflix, almost all those people started out doing some grunt work," Michelle said.

In the interview with Jarrett, the former advisor to Barack, Michelle had advice specifically catered to her 22-year-old daughter, Malia, when it comes to gaining a leadership role.

"I tried to make the point to Malia that the young people ... who are my mentees, I reminded her that they started out, several of them, in the campaign, doing some of the grunt-iest jobs," Michelle said.

The former First Lady also doesn’t want to paint a false picture of perfection.
“I never want young people to think that failure isn't a part of everybody's journey. What does it do for me if ... some kid thinks I've never had a failure, that that's the only way you can be first lady, is if you're perfect? No one is,” she said. “We are living, breathing role models — not just in what we say, but what we do. We are setting the tone for people behind us.”

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