Breonna Taylor's Boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, Asks Himself Why She Was Killed

Restless nights, tossing and turning, and tormented by a single question: Why?

It’s the question Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, continues to ask himself.

"Imagine how someone has to feel in a situation like this? Like, why me? They were both there," said Frederick Moore III, one of the attorneys representing Walker in a civil lawsuit filed against the Louisville Police Department in September, in an interview last week. "They were both shot at 30 times."

Taylor, 26, was sleeping in her bed when the Louisville Metro Police Department said officers had knocked on the door several times and announced their presence as police who were there with a search warrant. After forcing their way into the apartment, Lt. Ted Eidem said at a news conference that the officers were immediately met by gunfire from Walker, who thought the police were intruders.

Louisville Police reportedly fired 35 to 45 shots into the home.

Taylor was shot eight times by police and received no medical attention until a long time after the shooting and died. Walker, 28, was arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder on a police officer.

"He’s had his heart ripped out of his chest and most days thinks he can't go on," said Breonna Taylor's mother. "I hate that for him, for all of us."

Detective Brett Hankison, who shot 10 rounds blindly into the apartment, was fired in June. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and officer Myles Cosgrove, who also fired his weapon at the scene, and the detective who requested the warrant, have been placed on administrative leave.

The charges brought against me were meant to silence me and cover up Breonna's murder," said Walker at a news conference on September 1. "For her and those that I love, I can no longer remain silent."

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