Apple Unveils New Fitness Service, Updates To Apple Watch & iPad

The theme of Apple's digital product launch event was fitness, as the company unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6 and announced a new fitness service to help people exercise from home. Apple said the new service, called Fitness+, will cost $9.99 per month and will include weekly online workout videos made by Apple's team of trainers.

The new service will be integrated with the new Apple Watch Series 6, which will feature a host of upgrades. The new watch will be capable of monitoring blood oxygen levels and will include an improved tool for measuring sleep. The watch will also feature a built-in 20-second hand-washing timer to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Apple's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, said the new watches will be stylish and come in multiple colors, including blue aluminum, gold, graphite, and (Product) Red. Proceeds from (Product) Red watches will fund HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Series 6 will start at $399, while a cheaper, pared-down version called the Apple Watch SE will cost $279.

In addition to the new watches, Apple also unveiled updates to the iPad. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the "all-new, completely redesigned iPad Air" will feature a larger 10.9-inch screen and will replace Apple's proprietary lightning port with a USB-C connector, making it easier for people charge their device and hook it up to a computer. The iPad Air will start at $599 and be available from next month.

Along with the iPad Air, Apple is also launching its 8th generation iPad for $329. The latest version of the iPad will be available by the end of the week and will feature a full-day battery, an upgraded camera, and will be six-times faster than a Chromebook.

Users who already own Apple products can expect to see the latest operating system, iOS 14, to roll out on their devices this week.

Photo: Getty Images

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