Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Donate $130K To Charity

On Tuesday (September 15), Prince Harry celebrated his 36th birthday. His wife, Meghan Markle, recently celebrated a birthday, as well. The Duchess of Sussex turned 39 back in August. After their fan base—known as the Sussex Squad—started a a fundraising campaign online for he nonprofit CAMFED in honor of their birthdays, Harry and Meghan decided to make a donation of their own.

The fundraising campaign, which was titled #InspiredByMeghan #InspiredByHarry, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for CAMFED. The nonprofit supports the education of young women and girls across Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and Tanzania—a cause close to the Sussexes heart. Once Meghan and Harry heard about the generous effort of the Sussex Squad, they made a $130,000 donation to match the squad's efforts.

"No better way to celebrate what really matters. Thank you to everyone who donated!" Harry and Meghan said in a statement, which was shared by the CAMFED Twitter account. The money raised by this fundraising campaign is enough to "support 113 young African women through a whole year of technical [and] vocational training," the tweet shares.

CAMFED's executive director for Africa, Angie Murimirwa, released a video message to thank the Sussex Squad, as well, sharing how meaningful the funds really are to the organization. "Your gift can help us get many more high school graduates to training colleges," she says in the video. "In turn we, their sisters in the CAMFED Association, will make sure that they have the support they need to do well when they get there."

"Support to make sure they overcome the disadvantages they face as girls from marginalized rural areas," Murimirwa continues. "As engineers, bricklayers, climate-smart farmers, vets, and nurses, my sisters will be even more powerful role models in their communities: working together to change the status of women, showing what an education can achieve, and using their profits to send more girls through school."

The Sussex Squad released a message of their own, as well, which was published on CAMFED's website. "One of the great things about being fans of Harry and Meghan is never being at a loss for inspiration to celebrate them in purposeful and meaningful ways," the statement reads. "Fundamental to their appeal is how earnestly they carry out their humanitarian work, serving and embracing young leaders around the world, who, as they flourish, make sure that no one in their communities is left behind."

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