Country Reacts As One Of Three Officers Charged In Breonna Taylor's Case

Former Louisville Metro Police Department Officer Brett Hankison will be charged with three first-degree wanton endangerment charges in connection to the death of Breonna Taylor. His bond has been set at $15,000 cash.

According to multiple reports, Hankison fired multiple shots that hit Taylor's apartment and an apartment close by Hankison has since been dismissed from the police force and is under internal investigation from the department. Repercussions from the investigation range from a written reprimand to permanent dismissal from the force.

At this time, Hankison is the only officer facing criminal charges in connection to the March 13 shooting. He nor his attorney have issued a statement regarding the matter.

Shortly after the announcement was made, many took to social media to make their voices heard. Leading the way, attorney Ben Crump led the way by calling the charges both "outrageous and offensive."

One of the points of contention is Hankison's bail. At $15,000, his bail will be less than that of Jamarcus Glover, the man officers sought to find at Taylor's apartment on March 13. Also, questions were raised as to why Hankison nor any other officer was charged with manslaughter or murder.

Beyond the charges that were filed, there was a feeling that justice was not served. Moreover, a family is left without their daughter, niece and cousin. A community is left without a friend, medical worker and much more.

The date for Hankison's first court appearance has not yet been shared.

Photo: Getty Images

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