D.C. Startup Uses Innovative Tactics To Engage Black Voters In Swing States

A Washington, D.C. based startup called I Love Black People is utilizing innovative tactics to engage Black voters in key swing states.

“We distribute free T-shirts to Black businesses in the battleground states or the state of Mississippi, and they give out free T-shirts – and they’re smart T-shirts also – to their customers,” ILBP Spokesperson Jarvis Houston said.

Voters can scan a bar code on the free t-shirt to receive voting information directly to their phone. Thus far, the startup has launched "Get Out The Vote" campaigns in 10 swing states and Mississippi.

“Your one vote can be the difference between somebody living and somebody dying next year,”

In addition to spreading voter information, ILBP also works to identify safe spaces for Black people across the country. These spaces include barbershops, health centers, restaurants and other businesses.

“The battleground states are extremely important,” Houston added.

“It can be the different of having a safe space in the future and not having a safe space in the future.”

I Love Black People currently has offices in the nation's capital and Zimbabwe. As we near November, the organization is continuing to spread its wings across the map and is looking for donations.

Photo: Getty Images

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