NBA Player Chris Paul Plans To Help HBCU Students Vote

NBA Player Chris Paul is doing his part to make sure Black college students vote in the upcoming November election.

"We are providing transportation to HBCU students to get the polls, so we are working on that now," Paul said in an interview with First Take.

Paul is a point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder and is spending his off-season taking classes at Winston-Salem State University, a historically black college/university (HBCU).

The player has expressed his support for HBCUs while in the NBA bubble. Paul's parents attended Winston-Salem, but he pursued his education at Wake Forest University.

“Everyone in my family went to HBCUs except for me,” Paul said to ESPN. “You grow up in the south, you’re going to just have that culture and DNA in you."

Paul said sometimes people look at HBCUs as inferior.

"That's not the case. That's why it's been so dope to see people stepping up, and you get a chance to see what makes HBCUs great," the player said, emphasizing the importance of awareness for these institutions.

The Thunder guard also highlights the importance of an athlete's platform and how they can dictate where attention goes, even when they're off-season.

“Wherever the top players are, all the networks are going to go there,” Paul said.

Photo: Getty Images

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