Second Grand Juror In Breonna Taylor Case Wants To Go On Record

Louisville activist Christopher 2X claims that a second grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case would like to on record regarding the proceedings.

“It was obvious that not only the original grand juror who filed is feeling something,” Christopher 2X said at a press conference on Monday.

“Now we’ve got a number, and who knows how many more want to feel freely to say, ‘Here’s my version of what happened with the Breonna Taylor evidence that we were presented with.'”

This news comes less than two weeks after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that no officers would be directly charged for the death of Breonna Taylor. Since then, a grand juror came forward to request that the audio recordings of the grand jury proceedings be released. After disputes regarding when the recording would be released, the files were made public on Friday.

The unidentified first grand juror will stand for a hearing on Wednesday. After the hearing takes place, organizer Christopher 2X hopes that the second juror will step forward and make a public statement. The Game Changers nonprofit leader believes that jurors coming forward will help restore faith between citizens and the legal process.

“Until we can have real-life individuals who studied the situation as it relates to their civic duty and then allow them to do — what we would think would be the unthinkable — is to describe to the community how they felt about it. Deeper than any tapes that can be released,” he added.

Independent of the second juror's statement, the Louisville activist is also working alongside investigators to plan community engagement meetings that will establish transparency in the legal system.

Photo: Getty Images

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