Pennsylvania Family Says Their Biden-Harris Lawn Sign Was Shot Six Times

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania resident Ken Blaisure walked outside of his home and found that his Biden-Harris campaign sign had been filled with bullet holes. According to the Blaisures, six shots were fired at the democratic campaign sign.

"I was shocked and astonished because I didn't think anyone in my area would be this way. Then it turned to anger," Erin Blaisure said.

After learning of what had happened, he became concerned about his horses. The family's horse farm sits 10 feet away from where the sign once was hit.

"They could spook, they could run through the fence, they could do any kind of damage, and it's just, it was just scary," Ken Blaisure said.

The family also noted that the neighborhood is covered with campaign signs supporting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Ken and Erin Blaisure did not note any instances in which Trump signs were damaged.

"There's people with Trump signs up and down this dirt road. I'm the only one that has a Biden [sign]. I should be able to have and vote for any political sign on my property," Erin Blaisure said.

No bullet casings were found at the scene. As a result, local authorities believe it will be difficult to track down a suspect. However, Erin Blaisure believes she will be able to narrow down the pool of possible shooters rather easily.

"I live in a small town, and I live a mile down a dirt road, so, to me, it has to be someone who lives around here," Erin Blaisure said.

Despite the incident, the Blaisure family says that they will keep their sign up on their front lawn.

Photo: Getty Images

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