COVID-19 Cases Set New Single-Day Records Set In 6 States & Worldwide

New records were reportedly set in six U.S. states and worldwide for daily COVID-19 cases on Friday.

Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma and West Virginia all reported the highest increase in single-day positive cases of coronavirus for their respective states, while the World Health Organization announced 350,766 new cases globally, NBC News reports. The worldwide totals surpassed a previous record set earlier in the week by nearly 12,000 and include more than 109,000 cases from Europe alone.

Ohio governor Mike DeWine (R) told reporters Friday that he doesn't believe there's a specific reason for the major increase in cases, but does question whether residents are taking enough precautions to combat the spread of the virus.

"We're sick of wearing masks, we're sick of all of this, and I get it, but we've got to hang in there for our kids. We've got to hang in there for ourselves," Gov. DeWine said.

"The best way to summarize it, I think, is that people are simply not being cautious," the governor said. "They're going about their family life and meeting with people."

Ohio reported 1,840 new cases on Friday, according to NBC News' COVID-19 tally. Oklahoma reported 1,524 cases.

Missouri reported just under 3,000 new cases, as well as a new single-day death total of 129. West Virginia reported 382 new cases.

Montana reported 722 new cases. North Dakota reported 656 new cases.

Cases in Montana have more than doubled in the last two weeks compared to the two weeks prior, which led to a 230% jump in COVID-19 related deaths in just over two months, Governor Steve Bullock confirmed via NBC News.

Photo: Getty Images

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