Teenage Hot Dog Stand Owner To Open First Restaurant In Georgia

At just 14-years-old, Mason Wright has become one of the youngest business owners in the state of Georgia. This fall, he took a major step forward by partnering with his sister to open his own vegan restaurant, Mason's Super Dogs, in Stonecrest, Georgia.

Prior to opening his restaurant, Wright started selling vegan hot dogs outside of Morehouse College at the age of 11. He used money he saved from washing cars, mowing lawns and walking dogs to open up a hot dog stand near the campus. Two years later, his gained national recognition from PETA as one of the top vegan hot dog sellers in the country. This year, Wright's business has taken a major hit when the pandemic reduced foot traffic around Morehouse College.

“The plan was to get a food truck to take to Morehouse College, but because of the coronavirus I couldn’t go to campus – so I decided to get a restaurant instead," Wright said.

If the restaurant proves to be successful, Wright hopes to get a fleet of food trucks and disperse them around Atlanta. He also noted that he has inspired some of his friends to start their own businesses as well.

"Once COVID is over, I’m going to get back to my dream of having a fleet of food trucks and then I'm going to do a few more stores in Atlanta," he said.

Wright is excited and ready to move forward with his restaurant's grand opening on Friday, October 17.

Photo: Getty Images

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