KKK Cards Found Near Biden-Harris Campaign Sign

A Middle Tennessee police department has issued a statement regarding an incident in which Ku Klux Klan business cards were reportedly found near a damaged Biden-Harris campaign sign earlier this month.

"On October 4, 2020, the Shelbyville Police Department was made aware of an isolated incident involving KKK business cards," the Shelbyville Police Department wrote in a statement shared on its Facebook account. "The cards were found on the ground near a damaged Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign sign located on the lawn of an unoccupied residence within the City.

"The owner of the property reached out to law enforcement simply to make law enforcement aware of the occurrence. In conversation with the property owner it was relayed that he did not feel threatened or intimidated by the receipt of the business cards. Furthermore, the recipient did not wish to file a police report or request an investigation, because he did not want to draw attention to the incident which might have caused undue alarm or inspire similar actions."

The department said it has not found evidence to believe the incident was racially motivated and no similar events involving KKK business cards have been reported as of Wednesday. Shelbyville Police said they have received occasional reports of KKK recruitment literature over the years, but the recent incident was the first to involve business cards.

Additionally, the department said it has received zero reports of attempts at voter intimidation or threats. Shelbyville Police said the FBI was contacted when the cards were found.

The department also said there have been limited reports of incidents involving theft and/or damage to campaign signs for both the Biden and President Donald Trump, however, most incidents are typical during election years.

The Shelbyville Police Department is encouraging residents who have been the victim of theft, vandalism and/or intimidation to report all incidents.

Photo: Getty Images

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