School Offers Apology After Printing Student's Name ‘Black Guy’ In Yearbook

An Indiana high school is being called out after its yearbook named a student “Black Guy,” WRTV reports.  

Brown County High School administrators, including principal Matthew Stark, released a statement on Monday (October 19) calling the occurrence “a truly reprehensible error.” 

The page of the yearbook in question shows a group photo of the basketball team. Beneath the photo, which is posted online, is a list of names, where “Black Guy” replaces the student’s name. 

Dr. Laura Hammack, the district’s superintendent, addressed the situation via Facebook Live stating, “Yearbook is the only class at this school where all assignments and homework are published for all to see, we strive for perfection and hope any errors are minor and inconsequential. This was not an inconsequential error.”

In a statement, Dr. Hammock also detailed how the district has made a concerted effort to increase diversity and equity in schools, but that this incident “evidences the need for expanded response.” 

This comes as students across the country reckon with racism, even in online learning. Just this week, a student in Florida was called the n-word during class

For the student in Indiana, school officials have not released their name but are reportedly conducting an investigation.

Photo: Getty Images

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