Cities Are Spending Millions Of Dollars On COVID-19 Voter Safety

The November election is next week, and it may be the most expensive yet for some major American cities. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many cities, counties and other government bodies shelled out money to protect voters as they cast their ballots. These expenses may include personal protective equipment (PPE), like masks and gloves, to items that voters use to interact with touch screens.

For example, Los Angeles County spent $91.7 million for this year's general election, according to TMZ. The outlet said that's $33 million more than what the county spent in 2016, which was $58.5 million. The added costs come from the products they need to clean and sanitize voting devices after each voter. Soap, sanitizer and PPE for both voters and workers were also included.

"There are also added operational costs in making voting locations socially-distant compliant and special care for disabled voters or those with health vulnerabilities," TMZ reported.

A Harris County spokesperson said Houston is racking up costs from this year's general election. In 2016, the city spent $4.06 million in election costs. Officials said the general election this year costs over $30 million. One of the major expenses were the 10 drive-thru voting centers the county set up. Drivers use a portal voting machine that looks like an iPad, according to TMZ.

Photo: Getty Images

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