Rep. Maxine Waters Says She'll Never Forgive Black Trump Voters

Rep. Maxine Waters has offered some harsh words for Black Americans looking to vote for President Donald Trump. During an appearance on Joe Madison's The Black Eagle, Waters started off by encouraging voters to head to the polls in an effort to remove Trump from office.

"If we don’t turn out this vote and turn it out huge, this man could end up winning again. And this country would go backwards,” she said.

As the interview unfolded, Waters began to dive deeper into her issues with the President. The congresswoman explained that she feels Trump's tenure has caused division within the United States of America.

“The divisiveness that this deplorable human being has caused, the confrontation, the dog whistling to the right wing, the white supremacists, the KKK, and they’re coming alive,” she explained.

“They’re emboldened because they’ve got a leader who wants them to do it. What did he say to the proud boys? Stand back and stand ready? Ready for what—confrontation? Give me a break, Joe. I thank you. I know you’re on it, doing everything that you can. We’ve got to shout it from the rooftops—vote, vote, vote.”

The interview reached a tipping point when Waters was asked about an article that referenced a Trump campaign push for Black male voters in Florida. The California lawmaker stated that Black voters that offer support for the President are despicable.

“They will go down in history as having done the most despicable thing to their families and to their communities and to their mothers and their grandmothers,” Waters said.

“Because this man is about doing away with social security as we know it. And their grandmothers who are sitting there waiting on those social security checks every month or they couldn’t eat.”

In 2016, only 14% of Black male voters expressed their support for Donald Trump. If Trump hopes to be re-elected, he will have to win more of the Black male vote on November 3.

Photo: Getty Images

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