Brandon Scott Becomes Youngest Mayor Of Baltimore In City's History

Brandon Scott has made history as the youngest mayor in the history of Baltimore, Maryland. The 36-year-old bested Independent challenger Bob Wallace by earning 71% of the vote. Trailing further behind, GOP challenger Shannon Wright finished with just a bit more than 7% of the city's support. Rounding out the election, David Harding of the Working Class Party finished with 1.57% of the vote.

"Baltimore, our city has voted for a new way forward. I stand before you tonight, a son of Baltimore and the next mayor of our great city," Scott said after winning the election.

"I am proud, energized and humbled by your belief in me and what we can accomplish together."

Scott is taking leadership in a city government that is scarred by scandal. Last year, former Mayor Catherine Pugh was forced to resign after she accused of accepting $500,000 in illegal payments from the University of Maryland Medical System. Pugh was sentenced to three years in prison and Jack Young stepped in as interim mayor. Mayor Scott believes that the city will need massive change moving forward. However, he does not see himself as a savior.

"I see this as the opportunity for rebirth. The rebirth is going to come when we all have to work together each and every day and do that tough work to make Baltimore a better place. I am not the savior. We have to work together as a city unified to make Baltimore better. One person cannot fix things. These problems have existed longer than I been alive," Scott added.

Scott will officially step in to his role as mayor in a swear-in ceremony later this year.

Photo: Getty Images

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