Hundreds Arrested On Minneapolis Highway During Anti-Trump Protest

Police in Minnesota made hundreds of arrests on Wednesday (November 4) night after protesters gathered on Interstate 94 in a pre scheduled demonstration against Donald Trump

Demonstrators went ahead with the march even after news outlets projected Joe Biden to win Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes on the night of the election, citing racism and police brutality, in addition to the president as the motivation for the protest.

The group of demonstrators started on surface streets in Minneapolis before making their way to the highway. 

Police shut down the interstate in both directions before detaining almost all of the 200 protesters. The Star Tribune reports the demonstrators were arrested for trespassing and unlawful assembly. No injuries were reported. 

Minnesota State Patrol tweeted that the arrests were made because the protest ended up on the highway. “Walking on the freeway is illegal and very dangerous for pedestrians and motorists. We respect the right of everyone to express themselves under the First Amendment, but the freeway is not a place to do that.” 

The murder of George Floyd in Minnesota this summer sparked massive protests around the city and world. Derek Chauvin, the former police officer involved in Floyd's death was charged with murder in October.

Photo: Getty Images 

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