Joe Biden Takes The Lead In Georgia And Pennsylvania

In the early hours of Friday (November 6), Joe Biden took the lead in Georgia. As of 9:07 a.m., Biden was ahead in the state by 1,097 votes. 

The race narrowed throughout the day on Thursday (November 5), with a bulk of absentee ballots being counted and tallied throughout the day. Many of those ballots came from large, Democratic-leaning counties. 

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Chatham County, Georgia over 53 ballots, but it was dismissed in a short hearing.  

This morning, CNN broke the news that Joe Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania as the state tabulates and reports ballot data from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. He is currently in the lead by 5,587 votes. 

Votes are still outstanding across several states, including Nevada and Arizona. Election officials in these states are expected to give updates later today, though a final tally may not be available until next week, according to the officials. 

Social media users took the news and highlighted the work of on-the-ground organizers in battleground states whose votes are being attributed to the new leads. 

Stacey Abrams is especially being praised for her, and other organizers’ decades’ long efforts to make Georgia a swing state.

Photo: Getty Images

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