Kamala Harris’ Win Inspires Parents To Celebrate With Their Daughters

Kamala Harris will be the first woman and Black and South Asian person to serve as vice president in the nation’s history. 

Over the weekend, parents took to social media to share what the moment meant for them and their daughters, many citing the occasion as an opportunity to show the girls in their lives what’s possible. 

In her first speech after the win, Vice President-elect Harris took the moment to acknowledge the “audacity” of President-elect Joe Biden to choose a woman as his running mate.  

Wearing an all-white celebratory ensemble and walking out to “Work That” by Mary J. Blige, Harris delivered a speech that spoke directly to what her new position means for women everywhere.

Some parents shared how their dream of having a woman in top political positions is being actualized for their children with this historic election, including having representation for their Black daughters.

Vice president-elect Harris also took the time to acknowledge the women who came before her, who paved the way for this momentous occasion. “I stand on their shoulders,” she said.

Some have highlighted the 1972 presidential run made by Shirley Chisholm as a key trailblazing moment in American history.  

In her speech, Harris thanked Black women directly for their overwhelmingly consistent support in elections and for being the “backbone of our democracy.”

Celebrations will continue as the country ushers in a new, history-making presidential administration. 

Photo: Getty Images

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