Mississippi Lawmaker Offers Apology After Calling For The State To Secede

Rep. Price Wallace deleted his tweet that called for Mississippi to “succeed” from the rest of the United States. 

Many social media users believe he intended to call for the state to “secede.” Wallace was responding to Republican colleague, Rep. Robert Foster when he made the call for Mississippi to form its own country. 

The drastic measure came after President-elect Joe Biden was announced the winner of the 2020 election. 

Rep. Foster, who Wallace was replying to did not call for secession, but backed up President Trump’s call to count “all legal votes.” 

Donald Trump has yet to concede to Biden, though members of the Republican party remain split on their response to the election results. 

Rep. Wallace backtracked his original thoughts on the election results in a statement he tweeted on Wednesday (November 11). 

“I truly love the USA and Mississippi,” he said, “and would never support any idea of seceding from the union. I am extremely sorry for my comment it was inappropriate and in no ways represents the will of my constituents or myself. I humbly ask for forgiveness.”

Election officials across the country have repeatedly stated that there is no evidence of tampering or fraud, though Trump and some of his supporters insist the claims are valid. 

Photo: Getty Images

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