Pfizer COVID Vaccine Volunteer Says Side Effects Felt Like A 'Hangover'

A Texas man who was part of the clinical trial for Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is urging everybody to "get it as soon as you can." Glenn Deshields told Fox & Friends that he signed up when he heard about the trial on the news and described the side effects he experienced.

He admitted that the side effects from the first shot "were a little more severe than I thought" and said they felt like a "severe hangover."

"Basically, I had a headache and a lot of fatigue, injection site pain ... maybe three to four days," he said.

The side effects from the second treatment were less severe and went away quickly.

"The second one, it was similar, but it was much more muted. It wasn't as strong. I think I took some Advil, and they basically cleared up," Deshields explained.

The vaccine appeared to work for Deshields as he tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies a few weeks later. He was ecstatic when he heard the recent news that Pfizer's vaccine was 90% effective.

".@pfizer My Grandad told me that one of his first memories was of bells ringing to mark the end of WWI. If true, this is that kind of moment. I am honored to be a part of this trial," he tweeted.

Photo: Getty Images

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