Symone Sanders Emerges As A Top White House Press Secretary Candidate

Symone Sanders is reportedly a top candidate for the position of White House Press Secretary. Alongside deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield, Sanders has the "inside track" to the serve as the aforementioned press secretary or White House Communications Director.

“She’s lightning-fast smart, one of those people who, whether you’re in just conversation or sparring, you really gotta keep up,” former White House aide Ed Gillispie said.

“She is always a half-step ahead, if not a full step ahead.”

Prior to November 3, Sanders worked as a senior adviser for the Biden-Harris campaign. She also worked for Sen. Bernie Sanders, Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook. In addition, she worked as a political commentator on CNN alongside Angela Rye, Marc Lamont Hill and others.

Sanders has been open about her desire to hold the position of White House Press Secretary. In her new book, No, You Shut Up: Speaking Truth to Power and Reclaiming America, she was extremely candid about wanting the job.

“It’s like me saying, ‘One day I wanna be White House press secretary!’ There. I said it,” she wrote.

“Everyone says don’t tell people your dreams because it’ll kill them. No! You have to express them — you have to give them oxygen in order to let them breathe and grow and become something real. They’re not real if you’ve never told anyone about them!”

Prior to Sanders, only one Black American has served in a comparable role. 100 Black Men of America Founder Andrew T. Hatcher served as the associate press secretary for former President John F. Kennedy. If Sanders is selected, she would be the first Black woman to hold the position of White House Press Secretary.

An announcement regarding the position is expected later this week.

Photo: Getty Images

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