Georgia Election Officials Expected To Release Results Of Vote Recount


Election officials in the state of Georgia are expected to release a report regarding a 5 million vote recount within the state later today. The 5 million vote recount was triggered by new state law and not allegations of voter fraud made by President Donald Trump. Officials believe that the recount will reaffirm former Vice President Joe Biden's status as President-Elect.

In the initial count, President-Elect scored a surprising victory in the southern state. With decisive wins in Fulton County and Chatham County, he was able to earn 16 electoral votes. Outlets like NBC have projected that Biden won by approximately 14,000 votes.

Georgia is not the only state performing a recount. Members of the Trump campaign are currently pressing for a recount in Wisconsin. However, the campaign is very specific about what counties they would like to do a recount in. Earlier this week, Trump campaign staffers put for a petition requesting a recount in Milwaukee County and Dane County. In both counties, Biden carried more than 60% of the vote. Furthermore, the two counties in question contain a large portion of the state's Black population. Through their petition, the Trump campaign also hopes to throw out ballots that were legally "cured" prior to the election.

Elsewhere, the Trump campaign was seeking to ask for a recount in the state of Michigan. However, Trump and company moved to dismiss their lawsuit before it could be reviewed by a judge. Not to mention, the President has raised issues with how ballots were counted in several key states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada. Despite Trump's claims, members of the federal government have repeatedly stated that the election was conducted in a fair and legal manner. The Department of Homeland Security went as far as to say that this year's presidential election was the "most secure" in history.

In the unlikely event that the Trump campaign successfully earns favorable results in Wisconsin and Georgia, Biden would still emerge victorious with exactly 270 electoral votes.

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