Colin Kaepernick Reminds NFL Executives That He Is 'Still Ready' To Play

In the midst of running his nonprofit and developing a television series, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is here to remind NFL executives that he is still in playing shape. The former standout quarterback took to social media to tell executives and coaches that he is ready to play if given the opportunity.

"1,363 days of being denied employment," he wrote on social media.

"[I'm] still putting in work with [Eric Reid]. [I'm] still going hard five days a week. [I'm] still ready. Stop running."

Kaepernick is a consistent worker and has been training to return since being released in 2017. During his six-year NFL career, Kaepernick threw for more than 12,000 yards, ran for 2,300 yards and appeared in Super Bowl XLVII. Playing in Super Bowl XLVII, Kaepernick shined bright. He threw for 302 yards, ran for 62 yards and scored two touchdowns in a three point loss to the Baltimore Ravens. At that point, he and Joe Montana were the only quarterbacks to throw for more 300 yards and run for 50 yards in a Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, Kaepernick's came a to screeching halt in 2017 when the 49ers released him. During the 2016-2017 season, he became a polarizing figure because of his continued efforts to combat inequality and racism throughout the country.

Since then, his name has been floated around several franchises including the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants. Things came to a tipping point last November when he held a workout in Georgia. However, no NFL teams have called him in for a private workout since then.

Despite setbacks and bigotry, Kaepernick continues to workout and strive toward his goal of playing in the NFL.

Photo: Getty Images

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