Washington, D.C. Teen Starts Vegan Candle Business

Fifteen year-old Mahogany Young is making waves in the nation's capital as one of the youngest Black business owners. The Washington, D.C. teenager is building up her very own vegan candle business called The Green Things.

“I wanted to make some [candles] that are vegan because I’m vegan,” she said.

Young has moved to a completely vegan lifestyle and encouraged others to do the same. She also works to make sure that her products are handmade and eco-friendly.

“Since becoming environmentally conscious, some of my friends have become vegetarian or try to eat less meat and dairy. My parents eat a little more vegan food … and recycle a lot more,” Young said.

“[My candles are] made out of natural soy wax, so there’s not any additives, which is good for the air in your home. They're made out of cotton wicks. Cotton is biodegradable and plant-based. The jars are made from at least 30% pre-consumer glass. The fragrance oils are all natural, and the labels are made from recycled materials.”

Young is no stranger to starting and running a business. Her parents, Ramunda and Derrick, operate their own bookstore, Mahogany Books. With visits from Al Sharpton and DeRay McKesson, the bookstore has proven to be immensely successful. Watching her parents, Young has designed bobby pins, jewelry and hair pins.

Moving forward, Young plans to expand her business endeavors. She hopes to begin selling greeting cards in December.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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