Black Twitter Jokes About Getting Superpowers On December 21

On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will nearly touch and form a rare “Winter Star,” and according to one Twitter user, it’s the day Black people will unlock their super powers. 

It all started when Twitter user @lottidot replied to a thread about the coronavirus vaccine on December 5. In her reply, she made claims about the government using the vaccine to alter people’s genetic code. 

“Yeah it’s worldwide, but the [government] ain’t handling it as they should [because] their ultimate motive is a vaccine to alter our genetic code,” one of her replies said. 

When another user asked her about why she felt the government would gain as a result of genetically-altered people, she replied that they would really be holding Black people back from unlocking our full genetic potential.

The memes have been rolling in ever since. Twitter user @poeticjusiZZ kicked it off, tweeting out, “The best part about being Black on December 21st is that I’m either going to be laughing hysterically with Black Twitter at all the jokes, or I’m going to have super powers. It’s a win-win in my book.”

Everybody’s been trying to make their super power selection to level up. The ability to fly, laser vision, super strength, invisibility, the possibilities are really endless. 

Here’s some more reactions to our potential super power come up.

All we can do now is iron our capes and wait to see what December 21 brings. 

Photo: Getty Images

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