Hampton University President William Harvey To Retire After 43 Years

The year is 1977. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had just been named the MVP of the National Basketball Association, Stevie Wonder was riding high off of the success of Songs In The Key of Life and a man named William Harvey became president of Hampton University. Forty-three years later, LeBron James is the NBA MVP, Lil' Baby is dominating the charts and Harvey is still the president of Hampton University. However, Harvey's run will soon come to an end.

Hampton University President William Harvey has announced that he will retire at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year. During his four-decade run, he has helped propel the university's enrollment and boosted their financial profile. Unfortunately, he has faced criticism in recent years due to concerns about sexual assault across campus, poor dormitory conditions and food quality.

“As a Hampton University Alumnus and Chairman of its Board of Trustees, the growth and development that I have witnessed under Dr. Harvey’s successful leadership have been, in a word, triumphant,” Hampton University Board Chair Wesley Coleman said.

“The significance of this president’s legendary contributions to Hampton will be celebrated for generations. Indeed, the school is so much better off for his having served as our 12th President.”

The announcement comes just a few months after Harvey and Hampton University secured one of the largest grants in school history. Towards the end of July, philanthropist MacKenzie Scott donated $30 million to the Virginia university. In his final years as president, Harvey will look to build scholarship funds, develop the school's Proton Therapy Institute and much more.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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