‘Insecure’ Star Kendrick Sampson Brutalized By Police In Colombia

Insecure actor Kendrick Sampson posted a video to social media capturing the brutality he says he experienced by police in Cartagena, Colombia. 

“It happens to Black Colombians often,” Sampson wrote in his caption, “I’m told stopping is policy but what is NOT is they reached down my underwear aggressively, slap my arms 5 times hard, punch me in my jaw and pull his gun on me. He then cuffed me and dragged me through the streets.” 

The video, first posted by a friend on Tuesday (December 15), was captured by someone across the street. 

The actor and BUILD POWER co-founder stated that the encounter caught on video was the sixth in five days.

It’s unclear when the brutality took place, but the actor said he was held by police for nearly 10 hours before they let him go, according to TMZ.  

Sampson was an active participant in several protests in Los Angeles over the summer, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and global call to end police brutality. 

On his Instagram story, Sampson encouraged people to share the video, stating, “this is a violation of human rights that happens every day with no accountability. At the end of the day... that’s my best protection. Visibility.” 

Photos: Getty Images

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