Trump Threatens Chaos In His Last 30 Days In Office, New Analysis

According to an analysis by CNN, President Donald Trump is threatening to leave a trail of chaos in the wake of his presidential term, which is quickly coming to an end. 

As the reality of a fast-approaching end becomes more apparent, political analysts predict Trump will continue to compound baseless and false conspiracy theories that he won the November General Election. 

Additionally, the analysis points out that only the most staunch loyalists remain surrounding the soon-to-be former president, apparently causing worry among staffers. 

On Monday (December 21), Trump reportedly met with GOP lawmakers who are planning to stage a plot to steal the election from President-elect Joe Biden during a special Congressional session scheduled January 6 with the purpose of ratifying the results. 

There are two ways he can go about the chaos, according to the analysis: either by aggressive action or through the passive neglect of his obligations. 

He takes to Twitter to reiterate false claims of winning the election by a landslide, taking direct aggressive action at the country’s prided free elections. Simultaneously, his approach to the surge in coronavirus cases is apathetic and disconnected from the urgency hospitals and health experts have toward the spike in cases and hospitalizations. 

“The rest of the world is watching all this,” former Republican Governor of Ohio John Kasich said on The Situation Room Monday (December 21), “It is just making people wonder. What is going on in America?”

Some point to William Barr’s departure as US Attorney General as further evidence that the President’s plans in his last few days in office will be riddled with chaos.  

As Trump potentially faces five legal battles upon his departure as president, some are worried his desperation will fuel dangerous action or apathy. 

“I think we are seeing just how desperate Trump is becoming himself,” Lawrence Wilkerson, a former aide to ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell said on OutFront. “And how desperate the last remaining rats on the ship, if you will, are becoming because of that.” 

Photo: Getty Images

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