Tiffany Launches 'She Ready' Internship Program For Foster Youth

Actress, comedian and entrepreneur Tiffany Haddish is looking to usher in the next generation of leaders in the entertainment industry. Haddish has announced the launch of her "She Ready" internship program for foster youth. Through her program, foster youth will have the opportunity to meet with mentors, work with She Ready Productions and earn a paycheck. Interns will also receive financial stipends that will help cover travel expenses.

“I believe that children that come from different cultures deserve a chance to work in the industry and I would like people that look like me to be able to represent me too in the industry," she said.

In the past, Haddish has been open about her upbringing in the foster care system. Through the ups and downs, she aims to help younger children overcome the same obstacles she did.

“She Ready Foundation believes that foster children deserve an equal opportunity for a normal childhood. Founder Tiffany Haddish has made it her goal to empower, support and encourage children living in the foster care system. She knows all too well what it’s like to move from home to home in the middle of the night with all her belongings packed in garbage bags and feel like the world has forgotten about her," She Ready Productions and Ready To Succeed stated.

Applications for the internship program will open shortly. Finalists will be selected in February 2021.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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