Cori Bush Hopes The Black Lives Matter Movement Doesn't Become A Fad

Representative-Elect Cori Bush is fearful that the Black Lives Matter movement may soon become a fan within popular culture. During a recent interview, she raised concerns with how the phrase is being viewed as it circulates through society.

"Now we've got corporations saying 'Black Lives Matter,'" Bush said.

"We've got big signs and it's not only the hashtag. It's commercial. It's on clothing."

Instead of becoming a catchphrase, the Representative-Elect wants the statement to become a rallying cry for change. Furthermore, she aims for the statement to become a fact rather than a fad.

"It's all over the place that Black lives matter. It's a fad. But we need to do is not allow it to be a fad," she said.

"We need it to be a fact, because when it is a fact we get to live."

The latest effort Bush has taken to protect lives came in the form of an op-ed. During the Trump administration, more Americans have been executed via the death penalty than at any other point in American history. Furthermore, more Black men have been executed under Trump than any other President this century.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. Under the Constitution, Presidents have the extraordinary power to shorten sentences and erase convictions altogether," Bush wrote in an op-ed to President-Elect Joe Biden.

Stepping into Congress next month, Bush aims to protect Black lives by eliminating the death penalty, defunding police departments and eliminating student debt.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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