Pepsi Launches Platform To Generate $100 Million For Black-Owned Businesses

Pepsi has launched the "Dig In" platform to generate $100 million in sales for Black-owned businesses. "Dig In" will provide businesses with a variety of resources including business services, training and mentorship.

“Our mission to connect Black-owned restaurants with the access, business acceleration, and visibility needed to thrive requires a clear call to action: Dig In,” PepsiCo Global Foodservice Chief Marketing Officer Scott Finlow said.

"Dig In to the vibrant, delicious menus of Black-owned restaurants. Help build this moment into a sustainable movement that enables businesses to continue serving as cornerstones of our communities."

Pepsi is kicking off their five-year initiative by spotlighting Black-owned businesses across the country. The beverage company has put together a series of ads highlighting Black-owned brands in major cities like Tampa, Dallas, Houston and Washington D.C.

“Our restaurant has stood strong with open doors for 19 years as a Houston mainstay, feeding locals and visitors alike,” The Breakfast Klub owner Marcus Davis said.

“With the national exposure that Pepsi is providing to businesses like mine, I hope to see a boost in active interest and support of the many Black-owned restaurants shaping the culture and food scene in neighborhoods across America.”

Running alongside the "Dig In" initiative, Pepsi has also launched the Black Restaurants Deliver program. The eight-week program will help Black-owned businesses build up their online ordering and delivery capabilities. Over the course of five years, the program will support 400 restaurants in 40 different communities. Pepsi also pledged $400 million to support Black-owned businesses in June.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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