There’s A New Product To Relieve Pain From Tight Braids

Braids and other protective styles are worn to give hair a break, change things up, and as a source of cultural pride. Tight braids, though, will have you patting your head, using the point of a rattail comb to scratch in between the rows, and questioning why you sat for hours and got the style in the first place.   

But, relief is here for those whose braids may be too tight. 

Rose Bianco, a scientist at Topical Solutions developed a treatment that gives users swift relief from scalp soreness, itching, and pain related to tightly braided styles. 

The cosmetic company’s Too Tight Scalp Saver and Scalp Rx products boast an ingredient list free from petroleum and sulfur. Its natural ingredients soothe the pain from tight braids, using the power of natural ingredients including essential oils and a mild anesthetic. 

As many who wear protective styles know, the health of the hair underneath is as important to promote overall hair health, and growth, if that’s your goal. 

Topical Solutions recommends using both scalp products together to restore scalp health, when you first get a braided style and after you’ve taken them out. 

Many in the natural hair community caution protective style wearers about choosing styles that put a lot of tension on the scalp, while offering tips for dealing with and preventing damage.

May all of your protective styles keep your crown safe and sound!

Photo: Getty Images

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