Here’s How Much Is Being Spent To Clean The White House After Trump Leaves

The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden is just a few days away, and the transition of power has had an unprecedented rocky start. 

Biden’s transition team was initially blocked from funds to get the transition started, now, with just days away from the new First Family getting adjusted to their new home, nearly $500,000 dollars is being spent to make sure it’s clean

CNN reported that the typical moving procedure where one family moves out as the new president’s belongings are moved in won’t be taking place due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Instead, a deep clean will take place in between Donald Trump’s exit and Biden coming into the White House. Contracts have been secured to clean the White House, repaint it and ensure it’s ready to go for the Biden administration.

Of those funds, $40,000 alone is being spent on carpet cleaning. The team is spending $115,000 for flooring replacement and repairs, and over $50,000 is going to a new paint job.

One Virginia-based company contracted to help with the cleaning, Didlake, employs people with disabilities for employment opportunities including janitorial and housekeeping services. Their contract is for a reported $127,000.

People familiar with Inauguration-day plans told CNN the Biden's will stay in an area hotel until the cleaning is completed. 

In typical circumstances, White House staff including housekeepers, butlers, and ushers are in charge of the cleaning process, but members of the transition team wanted to ensure the White House received a deep clean following several COVID-19 outbreaks on the grounds.

Throughout last year, Donald Trump hosted several superspreader events in the White House, contributing to COVID-19 transmission in several states, and even leaving some of his loyalists hospitalized

Photo: Getty Images

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