Trump Tells Staff Not To Pay Giuliani's Legal Fees After Capitol Riots

Donald Trump is reportedly angry with his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani; angry enough to not pay him. 

Trump told his aides not to pay Giuliani’s $20,000 a day fees stemming from November’s fruitless legal battle, because he’s upset with him. News of Trump’s refusal to pay was first reported by The Washington Post, and later confirmed by the New York Times

Trump is upset with his long-time loyal friend and personal attorney because he feels Giuliani didn’t do enough to stand up for him following the attack on the US Capitol. 

Trump’s anger is not isolated to Giuliani, however, he’s reportedly upset with many of those close to him who he feels didn’t do enough to stand up for him in the aftermath of the deadly violence, and especially Vice President Mike Pence.  

Trump, who was impeached for a second time on Wednesday (January 13), is even going as far as blocking Giuliani’s calls into the White House

Giuliani has reportedly denied the amount he charged Trump for representing him in court during the legal battle that baselessly claimed voter fraud was to blame for Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump also told aides that he would personally approve reimbursements for Giuliani’s travel expenses he accumulated while he went to court around the country alleging voter fraud on Trump’s behalf.

Their baseless claims fueled supporters to attempt to overturn the election results for several weeks, leading up to the violence on January 6. 

Giuliani, along with Trump and several other Republican members of Congress, spoke at an event hours before the same mob stormed the Capitol building. In his remarks, Giuliani told the mob to have “trial by combat” inciting violence that has left five people killed. 

Trump, who has no access to his social media accounts, is reportedly “pretty wound up,” and becoming more isolated. 

Trump took his last presidential trip on Tuesday (January 12) to travel to the Texas border where he denied responsibility in the Capitol violence, and lashed out at Democrats who moved forward with his second impeachment. 

Photos: Getty Images

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