Trump Administration Attempts To Justify Slavery With '1776 Report'

Entering the final days of his presidency, President Donald Trump continues to make headlines even on a national holiday. While many were celebrating the revolutionary work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Trump rolled out his controversial "1776 Report" to the public. The disrespectful report was put together by an 18-member commission the President formed in September. Despite not having control over what is taught in American schools, it was clear that the President hoped he could influence what is taught in American schools. As he exits office, the President distributed the troubling document.

Throughout the "1776 Report," the commission attempts to justify the transatlantic slave trade that has negatively impact Black communities for centuries. Also, the report justifies the impacts of slavery such as the three-fifths compromise. Later, the report claims that "identity politics" are responsible for the divisive nature of American society.

“Identity politics makes it less likely that racial reconciliation and healing can be attained by pursuing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream," the report states.

The dismissive nature of this report coupled with historical inaccuracies angered and frustrated many. From Michael Harriot to April Ryan, many jumped in to offer their critiques of the report.

"This report makes it seems as if slaveholding founding fathers were abolitionists; that Americans were the early beacon of the global abolitionist movement; that the demise of slavery in the United States was inevitable; that those espousing identity politics today resemble proslavery theorists like John C. Calhoun; that since the civil rights movement, Black people have been given 'privileges' and 'preferential treatment' in nearly every sector of society, which is news to Black people," Dr. Ibram X. Kendi of Boston University tweeted.

"The 1776 Commission Report is calling forth our fealty to tyranny. But we will resist, like we resisted the proslavery founding fathers and their ideological descendants who wrote this report."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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