Trump Makes His Official Leave Of Office

Donald Trump has officially left the White House and the nation’s capital. After four years in office, his departure marks the end of what he described In his departure ceremony remarks, “not a regular administration.” 

Trump was joined by his wife Melania, children, and a group of supporters at Andrews Air Force Base early Wednesday (January 20) morning. 

Military fanfare greeted the outgoing president, before he made remarks to a small crowd of supporters. 

“We love you, and I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart,” Trump said. “This has been an incredible four years, we’ve accomplished so much together.”

Trump thanked his children and other family members, “People have no idea how hard this family worked,” he said before adding, “they could’ve had a much easier life.” 

Trump gave the mic over to Melania who called being first lady her “greatest honor.” She added a message of thanks and blessings to the people and the nation. 

In his speech, Trump gave his administration praise for “rebuil[ding] the US military, building a new force, Space Force,” he claimed veterans gave him an approval rating of 91%. He discussed the tax cuts he made during his presidency, to which the crowd cheered. “I hope they don’t raise your taxes, but if they do, I told you so,” he said.

On the economy, Trump asked the crowd to “remember us” if and when it does well following his leave of office. “It’s a rocket ship up, we have the greatest country in the world, we have the greatest economy in the world,” he said. 

Trump acknowledged the pandemic, stating, “We got the vaccine developed in nine months, and not 9 years.” 

He went on to reflect on the families who’ve suffered as a result of the pandemic, before wrapping up his speech. 

“This is a great, great country. It is my greatest honor and privilege to have been your president,” Trump said. The crowd cheered and started chanting “U-S-A!” and “Thank you, Trump!”

“I will always fight for you. I will be watching, I will be listening,” he vowed. He wished “the new administration great luck and great success,” adding that “they have the foundation to do something spectacular. We put [the country] in a position like it’s never been before.” 

Trump and Melania boarded Air Force One for the last time, making their voyage to Florida. 

Photo: Getty Images

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