Amanda Gorman’s Books Jump To Amazon’s Best-Sellers List After Inauguration

On Wednesday (January 20), Amanda Gorman became the nation’s youngest poet to perform at a presidential inauguration. Hours after she gave an inspiring recitation of her poem “The Hill We Climb,” the 22-year-old learned her books had made Amazon’s Best-Seller List

Both books, The Hill We Climb and Change Sings, took the number one and two spots, respectively. 

Amazingly, neither book is out yet; they’re not expected to be released until September 21. The surge in sales are all pre-orders. 

“I AM ON THE FLOOR,” Gorman said in a tweet about when she learned the exciting news. “Thank you to everyone for supporting me and my words.”

Gorman’s books beat former President Barack Obama’s A Promised Land, which is currently at number four. Vice President Kamala Harris’ book Superheroes Are Everywhere is at number eight, and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s highly-celebrated Becoming is at number 12 on the same list. 

President Obama gave the young poet a personal shoutout for her powerful deliverance of intentional and inspirational words.

She also received personal congratulations from Oprah Winfrey.

Amanda’s Twitter following also grew during the day. According to TMZ, she had 50,000 followers before the ceremony, and now has about 1.2 million followers, and counting. 

To get your pre-order of Amanda’s books, try a Black-owned bookstore

Photo: Getty Images

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