Rep. Jim Clyburn Shares What George Bush Said To Him During Inauguration

Given the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, and the heightened security protocols, the Inauguration ceremony looked different, but still drew in-person attendance from top congressional officials, and former presidents. 

Rep. Jim Clyburn, a top Democrat in the House, was in attendance, sporting a hat repping his alma mater South Carolina State University, and chatted with former President George W. Bush

In an interview with CNN, Clyburn revealed what the former president whispered to him before the ceremony started.  

“I was thinking about my late wife,” Clyburn shared when asked what he was thinking about while watching Joe Biden being sworn into office. 

“She said to me… ‘No matter how many people in this race, our best chance of winning the presidency is to nominate Joe Biden.’” 

Rep. Clyburn added that several people had the same sentiment, including President Bush. 

“I thought about that today, and several people said to me today, including George W. Bush.” 

“George Bush said to me today… ‘You know, you’re the savior. Because if you hadn’t nominated Joe Biden, we would not be having this transfer of power today.” 

Rep. Clyburn added that Bush said “Joe Biden was the only one who could’ve defeated the incumbent president.” 

Bush, along with former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all gave their well wishes to the new President in a video, where they addressed the nation.

Photo: Getty Images

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