Louisville Issues Study Condemning Police Department

The Louisville Metro Police Department is gaining no fans around the city following a recent report commissioned by city officials. Following the tragic killing of Breonna Taylor, the 150-page report from Hillard Heintze, the company hired to conduct the review, documents the distrust between the city's police force and communities of color. The document also explores how the city's police force is currently suffering from low morale. In fact, the report found that 75% of those surveyed would leave for another agency if they had the opportunity to do so. Furthermore, Robert Davis of Hillard Heintze noted that the department is having issues recruiting new officers

Along with critiques of the police department's conduct, the report also puts forth suggestions to improve the city's police force moving forward. Those tasked with providing suggestions recommended that the department boost its community engagement efforts and revamp its internal structure.

"We have committed to reimagining public safety, and that requires an unflinching, comprehensive look at what LMPD is doing well, and what can be done better," Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said.

"An independent audit like this is an extraordinarily valuable tool in making an organization better, and we plan to lean into the findings here -- good and bad."

Thus far, the Louisville Metro Police Department has implemented de-escalation training, which has led to a decrease in the number of use of force incidents. This city has also instituted Breonna's Law, a measure that bans no-knock warrants and requires officers to wear body cameras when executing search warrants.

Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Erika Shields is hopeful that she and her colleagues can take the findings of the report and create change around the city.

"This report is the roadmap for us to move our department forward... We need to improve, and we have a lot of work ahead of us," Shields said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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