Misty Copeland Partners With Ford To Launch Mustang Mach-E Campaign

Ford has tapped ballerina Misty Copeland on the launch of its new muscle car, the Mustang Mach-E. The partnership is a social media campaign the “Mustang Mach-E #ShowSomeMuscle” challenge to get more women interested in getting behind the wheel of the car. 

Fast cars like the Mustang are often marketed as masculine or out of reach for some, but the carmaker wants to change the narrative for this new model of a Ford classic. 

Local 4 Detroit News reports the hashtag’s purpose to get women from everyday life, like teachers and nurses, to share their stories of persisting through the coronavirus pandemic. 

Users of the hashtag will then nominate others to “show some muscle,” and share their stories. Ford is also throwing in a prize for a lucky winner: a limited edition shirt designed by the artist Sydney James

Copeland, known for being the first Black principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, is helping out with kicking off the campaign on Instagram. She posted a friend who’s a doctor and retired ballerina who has been working in the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. “I’m so grateful for my amazing girlfriends!” she wrote in the caption. 

The Mach-E is an all-electric SUV that boasts an “exhilarating” experience for drivers, while also having an impressive 300-mile range on electric charge. 

Photos: Getty Images 

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