9 Black YouTubers To Subscribe To Right Now

Black content creators are dominating YouTube.

Whether they have millions of subscribers or just a few, YouTube has become home to many different Black content creators, and there are plenty to check out. From makeup gurus to video game professionals, there's a little something for everyone.

Here are some Black content creators you should check out on YouTube.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is more than just a beauty influencer on YouTube. She brings some interesting commentary while trying colorful and popular makeup brands for her audience. You can find some other cool videos on Aina's channel as well, such as comparing cosmetics from different countries, applying meme makeup and other fun content!


You remember all those cool cartoons you watched when growing up? This YouTuber breaks down what made these animated shows work. Tariq tackles mainstream hits like The Simpsons and Family Guy to more obscure favorites such as the Lulu Show. His chill voice, sense of humor, art style and clear passion really makes these videos feel comfy and nostalgic.


Jumping over to the gaming side of YouTube, AfroSenju is the man for you if you're really into nerd culture. Not only does play some super fun games, but the video editing and his amp personality is absolutely hilarious. He also chats about anime, manga, other topics he comes across.


Want to look good on a budget? Kia has you covered. Known for her thrift store fashion picks and hauls, she also touches on natural hair care, DIY, home decor, makeup and other lifestyle tips. She also presents some ideas for seasonal wear, fashion for events like Coachella, styles for specific cities and much more!


JazzyGuns gets down to business with her games. A fun personality who'll crack a joke in a heartbeat, you can find her playing popular titles like Call of Duty, Among Us and Assassin's Creed to more niche indie games she's interested in. Jazzy will also point out some good moments during her great commentary.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is a beauty YouTuber, but her content focuses more on makeup styles for people with darker skin tones. On her channel, you can find her reviewing popular or celebrity-brand makeup, including Fenty Beauty, Pat McGrath and more. Not only does Tang find the best foundation, but she will occasionally share the secrets to her skin care routine, how she does her hair and other content.


Your source of news for all things that probably don't matter. Omni, who also goes by InfernoOmni, is a commentary channel who discusses gaming and other areas of nerd culture but also internet drama, current events and other happenings in the world. He is a down-to-earth personality who isn't afraid to express his thoughts and love for his hobbies, and he has a relaxing voice to boot!


Looking to go vegan? Look no further than SweetPotatoSoul on YouTube. Not only does she serve up some delicious vegan recipes, but there's also tips on lifestyle and healthy eating. One video, for example, talks about how to curb your cravings, while another shows what her baby eats. SweetPotatoSoul is also a professional chef with a cookbook out.

Prince Ea

This content creator does monthly uploads, but the wait is worth it. Prince Ea has almost 6 million subscribers thanks to his witty skits that comment on the state of the world. He touches on politics, education and other topics, but his commentary doesn't end there. He has whole playlists dedicated to inspirational advice, relationships, education and more.

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