Fundraising Efforts Underway For ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ From Viral TikTok

Last week, Tessica Brown’s TikTok videos showing her hair being stuck in place from Gorilla Glue spray went viral. Now, efforts to raise money for her medical treatment are underway.

In the original videos, Brown says she ran out of her usual go-to hair spray she uses to finish off a style, so she reached for the spray version of the Gorilla Glue super adhesive. Brown says her hair has been stuck for a month, and after 15 washes, it still wouldn’t budge. 

To give concerned social media users an update, Brown posted a video showing her laying in a hospital bed, later posting the treatment she was sent home with which included acetone wipes and sterile water. 

Brown has posted consistently since going viral, sharing what she’s tried from suggestions in the comments, and if they’ve worked. A dermatologist chimed in with recommendations and suggested follow up with a professional.

A GoFundMe page started by Brown has blown past its $1,500 goal, raising more than $9,000 since she created it on Sunday (February 7).

Other social media users, including writer Candice Benbow, have reached out to organize resources and help for Tessica. Benbow cited the need for community, and how commonplace mishaps are especially for Black women.

In response to the entire situation, the Gorilla Glue company released a statement wishing Tessica well, and reiterating the spray’s intended purposes.

Tessica took to Instagram on Monday (February 8) with a long post expressing her gratitude for the help during this situation. “...I wish I could come to everybody one by one [and] give you a big hug,” she wrote in part.

Photo: GoFundMe Campaign Page

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