Popeyes Follows Up Chicken Sandwich With Cajun Flounder Sandwich

Before the coronavirus shut down the world, a spicy chicken sandwich rocked the nation. In Louisiana kitchens across the country, Popeyes was doling out spicy chicken sandwiches faster than Usain Bolt ran the 100-meter dash at the Summer Olympics. With the nation slowly reopening state by state, Popeyes has decided to roll out the follow-up to the spicy chicken sensation. This time around, the popular Louisiana kitchen hopes fans will come out in droves to grab the cajun flounder sandwich.

"After seeing the response to our Chicken Sandwich in 2019, we are excited to deliver yet another delicious sandwich to our fans that is sure to reset industry standards," Popeyes President Sami Siddiqui said.

"At Popeyes, we don't take shortcuts on quality and strive to ensure our ingredients are the best of the best. That's why we're proud to be serving up the most authentic, Cajun Flounder Sandwich in QSR."

The chicken sandwich follow-up consists of a flounder dipped in cajun seasoning and served on a buttery bun. Customers can also purchase insurance for their sandwich for only ten more cents. On launch day, this insurance will allow customers to replace their fish sandwich with the popular chicken sandwich if they don't enjoy it.

The addition of the cajun flounder sandwich comes shortly after the fast-food chain cut two side dishes from its menu. Green beans and cajun rice will be removed from Popeyes across the country. Popeyes will continue to serve biscuits, coleslaw cajun fries, mashed potatoes, and rice with red beans.

The cajun flounder will make its grand debut on February 11 for $4.49.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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