Rep. Bennie Thompson And NAACP Sue Trump For Capitol Hill Riots

Former President Donald Trump may have avoided a conviction during his second impeachment trial, but his legal issues are only beginning. Rep. Bennie Thompson and the NAACP have filed a lawsuit against the former President, Rudy Giuliani, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. The lawsuit accuses the four parties of inciting the Capitol Hill Riots on January 6 and violating the Ku Klux Klan Act.

“You cannot move forward if you don't address the illegality of what took place, the treasonous act,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson told The Hill.

“If you try to move forward without holding people accountable, you only set yourself up [for] future activity that could possibly be successful in toppling our democracy. For African Americans, we see a long history of people not being held accountable and if we don't hold people accountable, there becomes this entitlement that it's OK to cause harm and violate the law.”

Trump's spokesman Jason Miller responded to the lawsuit by pointing to the former President's most recent acquittal in the U.S. Senate. He also claims that Trump did not incite any acts of violence on January 6.

“President Trump has been acquitted in the Democrats’ latest Impeachment Witch Hunt, and the facts are irrefutable. President Trump did not plan, produce or organize the Jan. 6th rally on the Ellipse," Miller stated.

"President Trump did not incite or conspire to incite any violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser must answer questions as to why they rejected additional security and National Guard assistance in the run-up to Jan. 6th.”

This is one of the many lawsuits that Trump currently faces. He is facing lawsuits from a variety of entities in New York, Georgia and Washington, D.C. Rudy Giuliani does not represent the former President anymore, so it is unclear who will represent him legally moving forward.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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