Netflix Announces Plan To Develop Lupita Nyong'o's Book, Sulwe, Into A Film

Actress Lupita Nyong'o has picked up yet another bag! This time around, the Black Panther star has shared that her children's book, Sulwe, will be turned into a Netflix film. Illustrated by Vashtie Harrison, Sulwe tells the story of a character who learns to embrace her darker complexion in a world that favors people of a lighter complexion.

“The story of Sulwe is one that is very close to my heart,” Nyong'o stated.

“Growing up, I was uncomfortable in my dark skin. I rarely saw anyone who looked like me in the aspirational pages of books and magazines, or even on TV. It was a long journey for me to arrive at self-love. Sulwe is a mirror for dark-skinned children to see themselves, a window for those who may not be familiar with colorism, to have understanding and empathy, and an invitation for all who feel different and unseen to recognize their innate beauty and value."

This is not the first time that Nyong'o has worked alongside the streaming giant to promote her children's book. Last September, the Us star teamed up with Netflix for the "Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices" series. Through this series, Nyong'o taped a reading of her New York Times bestselling book. Adapting Sulwe into a film is the next step in sharing her story with the world.

"I am thrilled that the book is being adapted into an animated musical that we hope inspires children all around the world to celebrate their uniqueness," she said.

Netflix has not shared any further details regarding the project.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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