Barack Obama, AOC And More Share Ways To Help Texans During Snowstorm

Around the country, millions of United States residents are struggling with the effects of recent snowfall. While many areas have been hit hard, no state has been hit worse than the state of Texas. Earlier this week, millions of Texans lost power and could not heat up their homes. Days later, power has been restored to many homes, but clean water remains a scarce resource. As reported by CBS News, 13 million Texans remain without clean water. Through all of this chaos and destruction, nearly two dozens people have lost their lives in the state of Texas. In an effort to help out those in need, many outside of the state of Texas have been looking for ways to donate, volunteer, etc. Using their massive reach on social media, Beyoncé, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Barack Obama and several others called on their followers to share ways that others can help out. Here are just a few organizations that you can donate to if you choose to do so.

Austin Area Urban League

Organization: Austin Area Urban League

What They Do: "The Austin Area Urban League continues its emergency donation drive for the housing insecure communities of Austin, Texas. As we continue to see unprecedented and harsh weather conditions that put our housing insecure population at risk. We have launched the #LoveThyNeighborTX campaign with the support of our fellow community-focused organizations committed to aiding in this emergency support. Together, with your help, we can provide shelter, food, water, clothing, and more this week," the organization states.


As the snowstorms worsened in the state of Texas, former President Barack Obama shared an article connecting his followers to a number of different resources around the state. One of the first organizations to arise from that list was the Austin Area Urban League. The nonprofit is currently working to promote their #LoveThyNeighborTX campaign. Through this campaign, the Austin Area Urban League hopes to house and feed those in need during the storm.

Support Relief In Texas

Organization: Support Relief In Texas

What They Do: "Nearly 3 million households across Texas are still without power. These groups are working around the clock to assist houseless, hungry and senior Texans in Travis and Dallas County, and beyond," the donation page states.


Not long ago, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started a fundraiser to support those suffering in The Lone Star State. In just a few hours, she was able to raise $1 million. This afternoon, she shared that her fundraising efforts have now garnered $2 million. She plans to fly down to Texas to meet with Rep. Sylvia Garcia and further her efforts.

Feeding Texas

Organization: Feeding Texas

What They Do: "Feeding Texas is a statewide network of food banks leading a unified effort to end hunger in Texas. Our goal is to ensure access to adequate, nutritious food for all Texans, improve the health and financial stability of the communities we serve, and engage all stakeholders in advocating for hunger solutions," the organization states.


Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke may no longer be an elected official, but he is working to serve the people of Texas. As snow continues to pour over the state, he shared a list of resources that could help Texans around the state. He also shared donation links for those in a position to give. Not to mention, he's also orchestrated a number of phone banks to help residents find food, shelter and transportation.

YMCA Shelters

Organization: YMCA Shelters

What They Do: According to NBC 5 in Dallas, YMCA shelters around the state are providing warm drinks, wifi, locker rooms and much more every day from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.


In the midst of the snowstorm, Bernice King followed in her father's footsteps and sought to assist others. She tweeted out a call to action asking others to list all of the reputable resources they knew of in the state of Texas. In response, one of her followers shared a list of warming centers in the area. One of the larger organizations operating warming centers at the moment is the YMCA. Currently, the organization offers warming centers in eight different neighborhoods.

Relief Gang

Organization: Relief Gang

What They Do: "The Relief Gang was created by Houston Hip-Hop artist and philanthropist, Trae Tha Truth and Houston-based DJ, Record Producer, and Influencer DJ Mr. Rogers. In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, Trae could be seen on boats and monster trucks rescuing people trapped in their homes. Efforts did not go unnoticed, and he was just getting started," the website states.


As previously noted, Houston's own Trae The Truth has been actively seeking to help those in his hometown. Throughout the week, he has spent time distributing food, water and more to the citizens of Houston by way of his nonprofit, Relief Gang. His continued work has earned the applause of his peers like Bun B and Anthony Hamilton. However, this isn't his first time helping out the city of Houston. He's helped out during Hurricane Harvey and several other events.

Organization: Mercy Chefs

What They Do: "Mercy Chefs has deployed to Dallas, TX. This is a natural disaster as severe as any hurricane, tornado, or wildfire. In some ways, a weather event like this is even more destructive, leaving millions without electricity, water, food, and other vital resources for an extended period of time and causing widespread damage to homes, businesses, and community infrastructures. Approximately 10 million Americans in Texas alone are suffering—and even dying—from the cold," the organization wrote on their website.


Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez sought to lend a helping hand during the snowstorm impacting the state of Texas. On February 19, she asked her 590,000 followers on Twitter to share resources that others may look to donate to. One of her followers popped in with a list of resources that included the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and the aforementioned, Mercy Chefs.

Organization: Lucille's 1913 Community Kitchen

What They Do: "Lucille's 1913 offers a variety of Community Partnership opportunities for Individuals, local businesses and non-profit organizations to support Lucile's 1913 mission to feed those in need. Contributions from supporters are the main source of revenue for our initiatives. Community Partnerships from individuals and businesses in our community are important. They enable Lucille's 1913 to produce and deliver thousands of nutritious meals we could not otherwise provide," the organization stated.


Much like Laurie Hernandez, former Access Hollywood Host Shaun Robinson put out a call to action to her followers while also providing a list of ways people can help as well. One of the many ways one could help out is through Lucille's 1913 Community Kitchen.

Please research and do your due diligence before donating resources to any organizations. The inclusion of an organization in this article does not endorse their actions in the past, present or future, but rather provides a list of ways in which those outside of the state of Texas can possibly help out. Stay safe and look out for others.

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