Report Finds 'No Legal Basis' For Elijah McClain Police Stop

An investigative report has shed more light on the fateful day in which Aurora, Colorado resident Elijah McClain died shortly after an encounter with local police officers. Independent investigators have revealed that officers did not have any legal basis to stop, frisk him and physically restrain him. The report also raises issues with the officers' claim that McClain exhibited "superior strength" during their encounter.

"At the time of the (ketamine) injection, Mr. McClain had not moved or made any sounds for about one minute," the report stated.

"In addition, EMS administered a ketamine dosage based on a grossly inaccurate and inflated estimate of Mr. McClain's size."

The report goes on to state that Aurora's police department and fire department played a role in McClain's death. McClain died three days after an encounter with police in Aurora. A local resident called the police because they believed McClain looked "suspicious." After officers arrived, a struggle ensued in which McClain was held in a chokehold and sedated with ketamine. Thus far, none of the officers involved have been charged with the death of Elijah McClain.

Following the most recent report, McClain's family issued a statement regarding the matter.

"Aurora is responsible for Elijah's tragic death by virtue of its employees' unlawful and unconscionable actions," the McClain family attorney stated.

"Inhumane humans are a problem and we must stop unjust laws, Elijah McClain's mother, Sheneen McClain, added.

The police department nor the fire department have issued a statement following these most recent updates.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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