Unknown Shooters Fire At Jackie Robinson Historical Marker In Georgia

Members of the Georgia Historical Society have shared that unknown suspects have vandalized historical markers along the state's Civil Rights Trail. In recent weeks, vandals fired gunshots at markers honoring Jackie Robinson and lynching victims. Unfortunately, the Georgia Historical Society has reported that this is not a singular incident.

"This is something we're seeing happen increasingly, [historical markers] actually being vandalized with not just paint or something, but being vandalized with weapons," Georgia Historical Society President Todd Groce said.

Daniel Lindsay of the Grady County Sheriff's Office has stated that he believes the bullets came from a shotgun. However, the marker's remote location makes it difficult to establish a timeline or identify a suspect.

"This is a shameful act of vandalism that unfortunately has been carried out against several other markers that commemorate Civil Rights figures, in Georgia and beyond," Georgia Historical Society Board Member Errol B. Davis Jr. stated.

Last year, a marker honoring lynching victim Mary Turner was shot several times and had to be taken down.

"It looks like a sieve," Groce explained.

A memorial in Mississippi honoring the life of Emmett Till has also been damaged several times, as recently as 2019. Moving forward, the Georgia Historical Society is not sure if they will be able to provide security for these markers. However, they do hope that visitors will show these symbols the respect they deserve.

"All Americans of all races need to embrace these stories," Groce added.

"It illustrates who we are. Sometimes it tells some pretty ugly things about us."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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