BIN Presents: 'It's Up To You' Vaccine Education Week

The one-year mark of the coronavirus pandemic’s unprecedented devastation brings grim milestones and for Black Americans, a disproportionate burden. 

In addition to being more likely to contract the virus and suffer medical complications, Black Americans have seen a larger amount of COVID-19-related deaths in our community, compared to others. Black-owned businesses and households have fared far worse in the economic fallout prompted by lockdowns, and a slowed global economy. 

As the nation ramps up its vaccination distribution plan, early data indicates that Black people are receiving the shots at lower rates than white people. 

Officials and advocates point to a combined issue of the digital divide, skepticism based on a prolonged history of medical racism, and inadequate access to predominantly Black neighborhoods for the lower vaccination rates. 

Federal officials have reached out Black clergy members to assist in vaccine education efforts to increase the numbers of Black Americans inoculated. 

To bring awareness to how the pandemic is affecting us, the Black Information Network has teamed up with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to launch the "It's Up To You" vaccine education initiative.

“Based on research, the Black community is the least likely group to be receptive to taking a COVID-19 vaccine,” said Tony Coles, President of Black Information Network. “Our goal is to present the most accurate news and information to help curb the future impact of COVID-19 on the communities we serve, by both answering questions around vaccination and by providing resources for the public to get informed.”

Throughout the week, the Black Information Network will be calling attention to large-scale issues related to the pandemic that have real, local level impact. From new federal and state relief programs, and spotlights on small businesses doing on-the-ground work for the community, BIN will be keeping you updated with what's happening. Hear from experts, get your questions answered and be informed about COVID-19, the vaccine, and how to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Our coverage also includes hearing from you. We want to know your thoughts and plans for the COVID-19 vaccine. 

You can click HERE to participate in our survey to let us know if you already got vaccinated, or plan to get the shots. 

You can also take the survey on your cell phone by dialing #250 and saying the keyword RADIO SURVEY. You’ll have the option to receive a one-time auto-dialed text message from iHeartMedia.

The "It's Up To You" campaign is being sponsored in part by some of BIN's founding partners including, McDonald's, CVS, SONY, Lowe's, 23AndMe,Verizon, and Bank of America.

Photo: Getty Images

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